Hendrika Kruger MPL

DA Gauteng Social Development spokesperson

All persons receiving a Government Grant i.e., old age pension, child grants, disability grant and any other social must re-register their current Sekulula account with the South African Social Services Agency (SASSA). There are 3 phases for this re-registration process and are as follows:

1. Any person that is a Sekulula account holder should have re-registered before 28 March 2012. Due to the delay in notifications, the re-registration period was extended. If you are the holder of a Sekulula account and have not yet re-registered, please go to your nearest SASSA office and finalise this process.

You will need the following to do so;

a. To re-register you need only your I.D. and your bank card.

b. If you have re-registered and have had any problems with your new SASSA card, you must contact the SASSA help line as the banks will not be able to assist you.

2. All persons receiving their grants at pay points will automatically be re-registered when they collect their monies.

3. The last phase is for all current bank account holders (including the South African Post Office).

a. Re-registration is only open from 1 June 2012 to 30 November 2012.

b. The Department will send a letter to all persons to inform them where they are to report for re-registering.

c. You will need to take your I.D. and Bank card.

d. You may still withdraw your money from an ATM, but there are bank charges involved from between R5.00 – R35.00 per transaction


* If you are not able to visit the SASSA office due to ill health, you may request a home visit by phoning the help desk 0800 60 10 11.

* If you address have changed since the last re-registration, please complete the necessary forms at your nearest SASSA office.


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  1. My mother is 82 and can,t walk very far. She moved from the Freestate and is currently staying with my sister at Gordonsbay. Her Social Grant is being paid into her Bank acc. on a monthly basis. Can they visit her at my sister,s place at Gordonsbay to re-register or what must she do. Where is the nearest Sassa office at Gordonsbay.

    • The process of re-registration is currently still in the “cash” pay out phase. Meaning that SASSA is still busy with persons that receive their grant in cash at a pay points. The process follows the following procedure. Your mother will be notified when and where she needs to report for re-registration. She then have to take the notification, her I.D. and her bank card to the relevant venue. If she is going to stay with your sister indiffenately it is wise to change her address at the nearest Social Development office and this can be obtained from 0800 60 10 11. For the department to pay her a home visit for re-registration, you need to phone the same number to arrange this but only after receving the notification. If because of the change of address or for any other reason she does not receive notification, there will be a mop-up process to re-register all persons receiving a grant in the final stage and this will be done via notification in the media. No pensions will be stopped until this process is complete and if for any reason her pension is stopped, you may contact me immediately to assist. This however is not what should happen.

      • Dear Rika,
        Pls assist-
        I had sent out this mail ,no reply yet.

        From: Khan, Shayeda
        Sent: 15 April 2012 13:32
        Subject: Social grant/pension

        Dear Sir,
        I wish to be assisted in this matter. Id No: 3901040406080 MRS A KHAN
        My Mums grant was stopped in February 2012
        She is 73 years old and ill .
        She had her application in Durban but i have now brought her to Johannesburg to take care of her.
        She was ill since March ,cannot walk .
        When i queried with the Department they say that a letter was sent to:The Durban address.
        I hereby request for a Provincial Transfer of her file from Durban to Johannesburg.
        I was told at your call centre that I need to rectify this issue with 3 months.
        Your urgent response and advice is appreciated.
        Yours Sincerely
        S Khan

  2. Is it possible that we can apply online for the Re-register of the children’s grant, if so can you please email me to my email address.

    • Carmen
      Unfortunately this is not possible. You will receive notification of when and where to report for re-registration. You need to take the notification, I.D. and bank card with. This process will still take some months to complete and you will not be assisted if you go to any office without the necessary notification document. If for reasons unknown you are not notified, there will be a mop-up period where persons will be notified via the media to report for re-registration. No grant will be stopped until this process is complete, but if for any reason this does happen you may contact me to assist.

    • Dear Sir/Madam
      Please advice me when i must change old sassa card to get new one and documents requierd to get new one and that can i apply on line to change it. My next payment is on the 2 October 2012 is the old card will work on the payment date if i have not changed. Please suggest.

  3. Ek het verlede maand aansoek gedoen vir “disibility grant” vir my dogter met Down sindroom. ‘n smart card is aan haar uitgereik en hulle het gesĂȘ dat sy na ‘n paypoint toe moet gaan teen die 19de Julie. Ek verstaan nie mooi hoe werk die stelsel nie. Ek het haar bankstate ingedien, maar gaan die geld nou nie direk in haar bank rekening inbetaal word nie? Ek sal dit baie waardeer as jy vir my kan verduidelik hoe werk die kaart stelsel.



  4. Hi there,
    My mom resided in Woodstock, but moved to my sister’s place in Surrey Estate. She receives her grant via EFT. She is concerned that she had not re-registered and would like to know what process to follow.
    Your assistance in this regard would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Koelsum Jacobs (daughter)

  5. If you have missed your re-registration date will your payments be stopped? I have tried contacting cps and sassa and they gave me a number to contact (021) 4690200 but when I call it just rings then says the voice mailbox is full. Pls can you assist me. I only found out yesterday that I must register but when I got to the paypoint it was already closed

  6. Unfortunately the impression created by Sassa ads and their directions about the old age pension re-registration process appears to be somewhat false. They claim that pensioners have until December – not 30 November – to do this at their usual pay points, which isn’t always the case.

    At the Rayton pay point for instance, pensioners, no matter how fragile they may be, are shown the door and instructed to re-register at their Sassa regional office in Bronkhorstspruit. This office in turn professes to know absolutely nothing about re-registering having to take place at pay points, and insists that it can only be done by them.

    We mustn’t forget that re-registration was necessitated by Sassa’s own incompetence and corruption and not in any way by pensioners, who have to pay dearly for this with their meagre resources, time and outrageous inconvenience.

    I have also heard rumors that some offices charge grantees for re-registration, which may be one explanation for why it doesn’t always take place at the prescribed pay points.

  7. Hi all
    I just re-register for child social support grant and i just had that i must again re-register and bring my baby along, how true is that and why must i do that?. Secondly i want to know is it ok to re-register in another province or should i go back and to where i register at first?

    Thanks and Regards

  8. I was stayin in the free state and now i reside in mpumalanga so what must i do to re register for grant? Must i go back to free state?

  9. Can anyone tell me if it is true that the first government state grant has to be collected in Johannesburg city centre or Alexander if we reside in Johannesburg?

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