Reports that Gold Reef City in south Johannesburg is under threat from acid mine drainage ( AMD) shows that the political will to act must rapidly emerge if we are to avert a disaster that will cost us for generations to come.

We must not wait until it gets as bad as the town of Carolina in Mpumalanga where water has been contaminated by AMD.

The DA calls for a soccer World Cup style multi-level partnership between all tiers of government, civil society and business to deal with the AMD crisis.

Our success in hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup proves that South Africa does have the capacity to face and defeat the AMD crisis, if the political will is there.

The Democratic Alliance again urges government and the Premier of Gauteng to demonstrate this will . The Premier must lead the creation of a joint disaster management plan in Gauteng, including an appropriately budgeted multi- stakeholder approach suggested by the DA.

Thomas Walters, DA MPL

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