The Democratic Alliance is shocked about the appointment of Grizedla Cjiekella, MEC for Education, as acting premier of the Northern Cape for an indefinite period of time.

Firstly Cjiekella is charged with overseeing the provincial education department. This is a department on which the future of our children depends. It is a department that demands the attention of a dedicated MEC, whose loyalties are not divided. This said, the DA does not approve of the fact that the Education Department will be sidelined, as a result of Cjiekella having to share her time between two very important departments.

Secondly, the Northern Cape Education Department has shown direct decline with regards to our education system, as is evident from the falling matric pass rate. On top of this, the latest Auditor-General found that the Northern Cape Department of Education awarded contracts to state officials or their family members. In other words, this is a department characterized by inefficiency and one which turns its nose up at following proper Supply Chain Management systems. This said, Cjiekella’s track record of running the education department doesn’t bode well for her steering the Northern Cape. She can’t seem to keep a firm hand on a single department, how will she cope with the entire province?

Nonetheless, it is the DA’s view that regardless of which ANC cadre will hold the reigns to this province, these are in any case superficial reigns. The real force of power behind the Northern Cape Provincial Government is the provincial ANC. They continue to fail to distinguish between the party and the state. Hence, it will make little difference as to which puppet they place in the hot seat for as long as the ANC keeps barking out its orders for placement of its deployees, corruption, maladministration and inefficiency will continue to prevail.

Issued by Andrew Louw, MPL

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