Following the official opening of Gauteng Legislature last week, the Democratic Alliance is proud to announce our 10 point programme of action for this year.

This includes issues where we support the Gauteng Provincial Government, as in pushing for a more adequate budget allocation from national treasury, issues where we push for extra measures as in the upgrading of informal settlements, and measures that we oppose, such as blue light brigades and excessive spending on vehicles, travel and accommodation.

The DA will propose two private members bills in the Legislature, following the lead of the Western Cape.

The Business Interests Bill will compel all provincial government employees to declare their business interests every year so as to prevent favouritism and corruption in the award of tenders.

We will also introduce a Crime Oversight Bill that will assist in holding police to account, including a Police Ombudsman that can deal with complaints like police brutality.

The 10 point programme is as follows:

1. We support efforts to get a more adequate budget allocation for Gauteng that matches our population, and recognises our assistance in various ways to neighbouring provinces, most critically in providing specialist health services. Gauteng residents and businesses pay 39% of all tax, but provincial government receives only 18% of total allocation – this is too lop-sided.

2. We will promote a Business Interests Bill so that all public servants declare their interests as occurs in the Western Cape.

3. We will promote a Crime Oversight Bill as is proposed in the Western Cape. This will assist in holding police to account, and includes a Police Ombudsman to deal with complaints.

4. We will promote a “no frills” ministerial handbook to limit excessive spending on cars, travel and accommodation by this provincial government.

5. We will oppose the use of blue lights for politicians who endanger other road users by rushing to meetings. They should get up earlier or plan their diaries like everyone else.

6. We will propose emergency housing assistance after fires in squatter camps as occurs in the Western Cape, where victims get building materials and Home Affairs assistance to replace ID documents. Present policies are inadequate and inhuman as people who have lost everything are largely left to fend for themselves.

7. We will campaign for people who have been forgotten by this provincial government. These are mostly people living with poor services in informal settlements. Our view is that more can be done with housing money to upgrade informal settlements, including land title, electricity, water and sanitation.

8. We will oppose the national health department take-over of academic hospitals as proposed in the National Health Insurance green paper.

9. We will oppose the Public Administration Management Bill that creates a single public service as this will remove crucial powers of this province in appointing personnel.

10. We will campaign for the creation of job zones in deprived areas, with special exemptions to attract businesses to create jobs on a vast scale.

The DA on Gauteng has a positive agenda to support good government programmes, oppose bad government measures, and promote alternatives that will improve the lives of people in this province.

Statement by Jack Bloom MPL
DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

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