GEYODI: Extract from speech on the Debate on the State of the Province Address

Jenny Hartnick

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Youth, Women and People with disability and Member of Provincial Legislature

Extract from speech on the Debate on the State of the Province Address

I hereby would like to congratulate the Honourable Premier, Helen Zille on her inspirational speech that was filled with HOPE and ACHIEVABLE actions during the State of the Province Address.

Dit is duidelik dat ‘n goeie en skoon regering alleenlik kan plaasvind wanneer daar uitstekende leierskap bestaan. Dit is ook duideluk dat politieke-wil seë-vier.

Honourable Deputy Speaker, leaders must first and foremost lead, leaders must have a crystal clear vision and a practical plan to make things happen. The DA-led government can provide this kind of innovative leadership that will transform society for the better.

Daarom is ons geensins verbaas dat die Wes Kaap die leidende rol in baie fasette speel nie soos die Premier dit aangedui het in haar provinsiale rede nie. Ons is nie in kompetisie met ander provinsies nie, maar weens uitstaande leierskap en `n wenspan benadering sal hierdie regering die leiding neem om te verseker dat almal in hierdie provinsie ‚n beter bestaanservaring sal ervaar.

Our vision for the Western Cape is of an Open, Opportunity Society in which every person has the means, the resources and the power to live a life he or she values, which characterizes our slogan "better together".

Hierdie slagspreuk bied ons die raamwerk om die belangrikheid van publieke en private vennootskappe te verstaan. Progressie sal alleenlik kan plaasvind wanneer die regering, alle burgers, organisasies en besighede saam gespan kan word om te verseker dat die uitdagings van werkloosheid en armoede hok geslaan word.

One example last year was the initiative between WCED, The My School project and Woolworths who provided principals and senior management with workshops on values and leadership. We witness the results and outcomes on our educational achievements in this province when business and government unite in order to address a key challenge such as educational leadership in our province. Educational leadership has proven to be a key and vital factor in good educational outcomes. We cannot achieve successful outcomes when we do it alone – “Better together” is the building block to successful outcomes.

With “Better Together” in mind, the DA is pleased to note that the ANC applauded the Premier for the increase of R24 million to fight substance abuse and the creation of 18 new treatment centres in the province[1]. This announcement again illustrates how the Premier plans to build the best-run provincial government in the world.

Honourable Deputy Speaker, we have to understand the times we live in. The Middle-East uprisings last year have taught us various lessons. We want to re-iterate that we value our young people of this province. Our young people live in a dynamic and ever-changing technological era. The Premier has highlighted how the broader South Africa is lagging behind the rest of Africa in terms of internet penetration. The youth of this province is tired of youth role-models on the political landscape that are using platforms and funds for their own personal self-enrichment. We believe that we need to be innovative in our thinking and provide opportunities for young people where they can receive the necessary means and technologies to be effective leaders in the field of information technology. Information technology has the potential to create jobs for our youth.

Honourable Deputy Speaker, we applaud the Premier on the announcement of the Special Purpose Vehicle or Public Private Partnership that will bring broadband access to every citizen. This is working SMART. This plan is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-related.

Hierdie inisiatief gaan ook die digitale agterstand breek wat tans in die wereld bestaan. Hierdie is een van die grootste baanbrekers projekte van hierdie provinsie.

We know that our young people form part of Generation Y, a generation who was born after 1980 and who is also called the internet generation. They live in a digitally connected and globalizing world with ever increasing digital innovations. Researchers state that Generation Y is socialized in a digital world and is more technically literate, continually wired, plugged in and connected to digitally streaming information, entertainment and contacts. If we manage them properly, and provide them with the means Mr. Speaker, then, they the Generation Y in this province will become “the most-high performing workforce” in our country. AS a result of information technology there is an urgent sense of immediacy amongst them.

Met hierdie projek sal ons verseker dat die beeld van jeug en werksgeleenthede vir jeug in die provinsie verder sal verander. Navorsers, ekonome en besigheids-analiste beklemtoon jaarliks dat klein en medium ondernemings die beste geleentheid is om meer werksgeleenthede te skep vir jeug. `n Faset wat President Zuma gruwelik uitgelaat en nagelaat het en daarmee weet ons dat sy plan te ambisieus is en net vol beloftes.

The investment in affordable broadband infrastructure will create an internationally competitive knowledge economy, improve productivity and create jobs in particular for our young people.

Honorable Deputy Speaker, die rede van Premier Helen Zille laat ons in hierdie regering met geen ander keuse as om opgewonde te wees oor die toekoms van die provinsie nie. Ons sal verseker dat hierdie provinsie n plek vir almal sal wees waar hulle volle potensiaal ontwikkel sal word.

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