PRESIDENT Zuma’s recent statement about the reviewing of the powers of the Constitutional Court sends the worst possible signals to South Africans.

Of serious threat to our democratic backbone, this shockwave strikes at the very core of our national stability. The President’s statement begs the questions – why is the ANC so desperately challenged by the truth and why is it so threatened by the consequences? Why is it so desperately trying to brace itself against the democratic flow of the political stream by fortifying itself through state-intelligence apparatus, the media tribunal and the so-called secrecy Bill? All of these measures weaken the very fibre of our vibrant nation. In fortifying himself, the President is merely channelling state resources for his own good.

It would appear that our country’s president is threatened by the same political climate he is responsible for. Not the heart of a true statesman – is it?

Johann Krog, MPP

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