Woe to Education

The appointment of the Grizelda Cjiekella as acting premier does not bode well for education in the province. When it comes to the future of our country, education is key. For the past three years, this department has suffered significantly under an absent MEC. During 2010, the MEC was absent from her office for more than four months. Just how will she do her duty, or is this office going to be run directly from Flaxley House?

This move of the provincial ANC is a clear indication that our provincial government is not serious about the future of our children. Seemingly, the weaker you are, the better your chances of promotion. Competency is not a key standard for appointment but the closer you are to the centre of power.

The current sad state of education in our province to which the MEC has not answered includes the following: – the lack of text books in schools
– the disintegrating schools in need of urgent structural repairs – the poor education output
– dissatisfaction of our educators in schools
– the hold that SADTU has
– poor performing principals
– educators still struggling to get their salaries
– the poor response to discipline and absent teachers in schools – educators who are doing private training for companies
– companies from other provinces getting contracts in the Northern Cape, which stifles job creation and poverty alleviation, as monies go out of the province

The MEC is well aware of financial mismanagement that occurred in this department. She herself has launched a forensic investigation into this. Her refusal, however to discuss the report allows you to speculate. The only conclusion that the person in the street can come to is that the MEC is protecting officials with high connections or that some of the inner circles could be involved.

Issued by Dr Allen Grootboom, MPL
DA Northern Cape: Spokesperson for Education

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