Act Against Instigators of Violence

Roy Jankielsohn

DA Leader in the Free State

The Democratic Alliance strongly condemns statements in recent media reports that could in any way incite racial or any other form of violence in our society. In this respect the recent reports of a right wing meeting in Bloemfontein last week at which it is alleged that white people should be encouraged to kill black people out of revenge for farm murders is very dangerous. Such statements are destructive and have the potential to incite violence.  

 As such it is important that the law enforcement agencies investigate such instances in order to determine whether individuals involved could be prosecuted for hate speech or even incitement to commit a crime.  

 It is also important that individuals are not encouraged by sensational media coverage of such events. Individuals whose agenda may be to instigate hatred and violence should not be given media platforms for them to spread their poison.  

 The perception must never be created through media headlines or posters that this is a general attitude among groups, while in fact the exponents of such statements and comments operate on the political fringes of our society.  

South Africa is a still in a process of nation-building and stereotyping of any nature, especially by radical (ultra left)  or reactionary (ultra right) individuals or groups in our society, must be avoided. Reconciliation should dominate our national political debates, and redress should continue to motivate our actions.

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