Johann Krog, MPP

Democratic Alliance KZN Legislature

PROPER political filter consisting of an unbiased police force, judiciary and media, all of whom are committed to preventing personal agendas from derailing effective governance, is one of the most important systems within a true democracy. A filter ensures that the power struggle, with all its possible destructive guises, never overshadows the struggle for a translucent and accountable government.

Since President Zuma became the man in charge, he has slowly and systematically removed these filters that South Africa so desperately needs if it is to thrive. Rather than aligning existing policing, media and judiciary structures to improve our national fortitude, his ambition has become the methodical realignment of state machinery for his own personal fortification. In so doing, the President has positioned himself in the antagonist’s corner – fighting against democracy – in direct opposition to the very people that voted him into power.

As the pieces of South Africa’s political puzzle fall into place, the disconcerting relief of a master craftsman is being revealed, one who manipulates the political landscape into an exclusive paradise for a handful of cronies operating under the slogan “all for one and one for all”.

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