DA challenges Acting Premier and her spokesperson to a public debate 

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Leader   

The Democratic Alliance is convinced that the Premier’s spokesperson, Mr Mafu Davids, is misleading the public. Thus, following our ongoing debate in the media with Mr Mafu Davids regarding the matter of implementing a provincially guided ministerial handbook in the Northern Cape, the DA hereby wishes to challenge both the Acting Premier, Grizelda Cjiekella, and her spokesperson, Mafu Davids, to a public debate.  

They can set the date, the time and the venue, we just want to be there to make the truth known – namely, that provinces have far more powers than the ANC wants to let the public in on.  

It is a fact that the Northern Cape does have the power to implement a new and improved Ministerial Handbook, only the will to do so is missing. This debate, however, will continue to go in circles, unless we have the opportunity to prove them wrong with fact based evidence.  

The DA’s theme for our 2014 Provincial Congress was “Building a New Majority”. As part of our strategic plan between now and 2014, when we aim to be governing this province, the DA will foster relationships and develop relevant provincial legislation with relevant stakeholders, as we strive to build our new majority. The DA will place an alternative Ministerial Handbook on the table in three months time, at the same time availing it for public scrutiny.

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