DA Fights for Rural Safety

Juanita Terblanche MP

In the last two weeks seven incidents of violence and in some cases murder has been committed against South Africans living in the rural North West.

The escalating incidence of rural violence should be something that enjoys the first priority of National Government and its provincial departments. Ironically President Jacob Zuma stated in his 2009 state of the Nation address that comprehensive rural development (which includes safety) was downgraded to a priority three level on the medium term strategic framework for 2009-2014. The approved rural safety strategy is lacking the political will to be implemented and rolled out. One can only deduct from the abovementioned facts that the ANC government has turned its back on rural South Africans of all races leaving them vulnerable and disempowered.

Starting today we will engage with the provincial police departments on the reservist program and sector policing. We will ask questions on national parliamentary level as well as in the provincial legislature. We will address this matter with the media. We will invest in self-defence training for women and children in rural areas and spread information on emergency procedures, early warning signs cheap ways to form community support structures and other practical advice on safeguarding the lives of these South Africans. Unlike the government we refuse to leave our rural South-Africans disempowered and fearing for their safety.

We call on the public to join our Facebook group called: Democratic Alliance Rural Safety Plan North West, follows us on Twitter: @da_northwest and sign our on-line petition at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/democratic-alliance-rural-safety-petition/21

Although our initial focus will be on the North West province rural South Africans from all over the country are welcome to join this campaign.

We can only make an impact on this dire situation if we get the buy in of South Africans of all areas and all races. Thus, we call South-Africans from all walks of life to action, even those living in towns and cities, to stand up for the rights of our rural brothers and sisters.

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