Dr Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Transport Spokesman

The Democratic Alliance, represented by DA Gauteng Transport Spokesperson Neil Campbell, will challenge the fairness of the SANRAL e-tolling process at a hearing of the National Consumer Commission in Pretoria on Thursday 29 March at 12.00 pm. Issues to be raised include:

1. SANRAL’s registration process which includes disclosure of either your banking or credit card details.

2. The assumption by SANRAL that any driver using your vehicle number plate is yours and their requirement that the registered driver proves his or her innocence rather than the usual onus on the prosecuting authority to prove guilt. This despite at least 10% of Gauteng number plates being false or cloned.

3. The charges for all normal business operations carried out by SANRAL to be paid for by motorists e.g. account provision and legal costs (without court orders).

4. The required pre-payment of monies prior to using a road.

5. SANRAL’s assumption that all motorists have access to internet for the fine print of the SANRAL contract. This discriminates against the poor.

6. Discrimination against different categories of motorists based on their economic status.

The DA is convinced that many of the conditions SANRAL seeks to apply to motorists fall foul of the Consumer Protection Act.

A ruling against SANRAL by the NCC will bolster the legal case against the tolls that has been lodged by OUTA (Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance).

The hearing will be at on Thursday at 12 pm at:

National Consumer Commission, Berkley Office Park, 8 Bauhinia Street, Highveld, Technopark, Centurion.

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