Janet Semple

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Housing

The Democratic Alliance in Gauteng welcomes the proposed R100 million integrated housing construction project to be developed over the next four years at the Princess Informal Settlement in Roodepoort. Construction is due to start this year and be completed by 2016.

Details of the project were revealed today by Gauteng Housing MEC, Humphrey Mmemezi, in reply to my question in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. (see question below)

This settlement has been the site of many service delivery protests in the past 15 years, and it is encouraging that some action is finally being taken by the Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing.

The DA urges the MEC to engage in ongoing communication with the residents of this community on the progress of the housing projects, in order to avoid future mass action.

Question submitted:

4.LG&HS001 Ms J A Semple (DA) to ask the Member of the Executive Council for Local Government & Housing: With regard to Princess informal settlement, Roodepoort, will the MEC please indicate:

(i) what promises with regard to formal housing have been made by the Provincial Housing Department and by the City of Johannesburg Housing Department;

(ii) what budget is available for the above projects;

(iii) what timelines are envisaged for the above projects; and

(iv) how and when was this information communicated to the affected community?

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