Debate on Western Cape Premiers State of Province Address

M.J.R. de Villiers (MP-NCOP) Whip W/C – NCOP

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Premier, Honourable Ministers, Honourable Members, Guest in the House and listeners, it is indeed an honour and a privilege to speak today in Provincial Parliament as a Permanent Delegate from this Parliament to the NCOP.

It is my duty and responsibility to represent the Western Cape Legislature in the NCOP and to do oversight over service delivery in Provinces and Executive responsibility on service delivery.

Although the Democratic Alliance has a very short time yet in Provincial Government we can already see and experienced the good service delivery outcomes in the province. The Premier stated in her address just a few of the many services delivered in different aspects in the province, such as poverty alleviation, opportunities and the creation of the environment for employment, quality education, healthcare and others. The Service delivery of the Western Cape Government to the communities bear the fruit of a better person, a better family, a better community, a better Province, better together as a province. Honourable Premier thank you for your vision and leadership. The ANC will always try to smother you and to be-little you and your work, but be assured that most people in the Province, also people on ANC governed provinces, appreciate your work and leadership.

Honourable Speaker, let’s have a bird’s eye view, or rather an eagle’s eye view into the state of Province. Financial management, Health, Education, Transport, Housing, Economic Development, Local Government, Social Development, Safety Security and others in the Western Cape Province performed good if not excellent. We don’t shy away of the not so good performances, we try to address it. The ANC government mostly try to be in denial until those in trouble are on the edge of collapse.

Speaker, in two Provinces administration houses an elephant was loose. Nobody reacted or wanted to confess that it was so, until they, National Government, felt the extremely destructive and unpredictable damage in those Provinces. Limpopo has been rendered bankrupt through corrupt activities. Five of their Departments have been taken over by National Government. This you can expect to be the situation because the Limpopo Government is being ruled by Julius Malema and his cronies. The Eastern Cape Education Department completely collapsed due to mal-administration, forcing National Government to intervene. Damages to the future of the youth experienced is shocking and heart breaking. How can the ANC still be proud of the fact that they govern the Province. They are not in control; dark forces with their own agenda are in control, Speaker.

Honourable Speaker, the Free State Province sought assistance from National Treasury after identifying financial mismanagement. Again National Treasury has to use finances which might be used for other needy services to bail out a Province which did get the money to deliver the goods to the people. This is irresponsible and the Premier must be brought to book. He’s the person to deal with, Speaker. What a shame to hear that the National Police Commissioner – Behki Cele, has been investigated for corruption. Government is still paying him although his suspended. Whoever knows how long he will be on this long term leave? Cop no1 for corruption, maybe it is an April fool’s joke, but certainly not.

The Gauteng Health Department faces 101 legal claims for negligence when rendered a service. So many people received an injustice to themselves and their family. Now the taxpayer will lose R235 million spending on legal cost.

Honourable Speaker, Satan is riding the ANC like a wild horse. The Manase Report uncovers corruption in the eThekweni Municipality where high ranking officials, like former Municipal Manager – Mike Sutcliff and form Mayor- Obed Mlaba, were fingered to corruption.

Mismanagement and corruption we never heard of in the Western Cape Province. This is the reason why the DA wins by-elections in ANC Governed wards because the DA stands for good and responsible Governance and better together. The Provincial executive under the leadership of the Honourable the Premier, stands together, planned together, evaluate together and remedy together the problems speedily together.

Together we are better and Best.

I thank you

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