Gauteng is Failing Municipalities

Fred Nel, DA MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Local Government

Recent reports that national government is intervening in the Joburg billing crisis is a clear indication that the Gauteng Local Government department has failed in its mandate to assist municipalities in the province. Less than a year after the local government elections it is clear that local government is no longer a priority for the provincial government.

This was further confirmed when the Gauteng provincial government cut the budget for local government support in the new financial year.

Local government forms the foundation for economic growth, service delivery, disaster management, housing and health delivery as well as infrastructure development in the province. Shunning its importance will no doubt cause a domino effect in service delivery failure.

Local government in Gauteng needs all the support it can get and cannot longer be treated as the stepchild by the provincial government, as this will ultimately lead it to peril.

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