Human Rights Commission confirms it will investigate Kommandokorps hate camp


Mmusi Maimane DA National Spokesperson

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has this morning received written confirmation from the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that they will investigate the Kommandokorps camp in Carolina, Mpumalanga.

This follows our complaint submitted to the SAHRC last week, in which we asked them to launch an urgent investigation into the AWB-aligned Kommandokorps, which trains young boys to hate other races and to carry out hate crimes.

This training reportedly includes fire arm handling and political indoctrination designed to nurture racial hatred. Kommandokorps claims to have already trained over 1 500 boys.

The DA is therefore pleased that the Human Rights Commission will investigate. This camp has no place in a democratic and constitutional South Africa. It fosters hate, and it perpetuates division.

We need to know:

* Whether the activities of the Kommandokorps are illegal; * whether any hate crimes have been perpetrated to date by anyone involved with the camp; * how the Kommandokorps acquired its weapons; * how these young boys are recruited, whether they have a choice in their recruitment and whether their human rights are infringed upon. The DA will continue to fight this abomination in our country. Such perpetrators of racial division can only take us further away from President Nelson Mandela’s vision of a South Africa united in its diversity.

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