Lerato Park Development a Failure

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Northern Cape Leader  

The Democratic Alliance is not in the least bit surprised by news that the Lerato Park development project could be in jeopardy following COGHSTA’s termination of its contract with ABSA bank.  

 The DA is of the opinion that, from the very word go, this project has been nothing but a farce,  thought up to win votes from the poor and embattled community of Lerato Park, who live in some of the most despicable and heartrending conditions imaginable.

 It seems, however, that empty promises finally got the better of provincial government, who, without proper planning, embarked on this project a number of years ago to cover their electioneering tracks.

  Since its inception, this project has been hounded by poor planning, maladministration and insubstantial funding commitments. In fact, one only has to take a look at previous years’ budget speeches and state of the province addresses, to see how little progress has actually been made on this development.    

 The DA has little hope for this project, and we feel deeply for the people of Lerato Park, whose hopes have been continuously dashed – they deserve so much better.  

To make matters worse, it seems that the Lerato Park development is not alone in its failure. Almost on a daily basis, we are confronted in the media by infrastructure and development projects that are falling flat because of provincial and local government’s inability to follow proper tender processes, award contracts to the best bidders and monitor contracts, not to mention its inability to implement projects. Sadly, however, this is what people get when they are won over by power hungry politicians, who are prepared to promise the world in order to win votes.  

The DA hopes that next time round, the people’s eyes will be opened and they will vote according to political parties’ track records to govern well, and not their track records of poor service delivery.

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