Metro Police Part of the Problem

I always know when the Johannesburg Metro Police are on point-duty in the Johannesburg city because the usual flow of traffic is completely congested by their inept attempts to regulate traffic flow.   For some unknown reason Sauer Street is the first choice street to be manned and every intersection from Anderson to President Street boasts an officer. The problem is that once past President Street the traffic is again controlled by traffic lights and a city block can only hold a given volume of traffic. This fact seems to have not been covered in point-duty 101 because all Metro officers have an uncontrollable need to try to force too many vehicles into the available space.   This leads to the intersections with streets flowing in an east-west direction becoming hopelessly clogged on direct instruction from the officers, so that grid-lock becomes unavoidable.   What really hurts though is that while these officers disrupt traffic which normally flows pretty well, there are intersections where traffic lights are not working and no officer is available to regulate traffic flow where it is really needed.   Surely someone at the Metro Police headquarters can manage this situation in a logical and efficient way?   Neil Campbell MPL DA Spokesperson on Roads and Transport in Gauteng. 

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