MEC for Roads and Transport, Western Cape

Robin Carlisle, the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape has released a short preview of his department’s Budget Speech 2012, which will be delivered in the Provincial Legislature at 4.30pm today.

‘The budget under review amounts to R4.609 billion, which represents an increase of 10% over 2011/2012,’ Minister Carlisle said.

Roads and infrastructure

‘The most significant increase in spending will be in the arena of Public Works Infrastructure, which will be increased by 36% on the previous year, resulting in 20 new or replacement schools (up from 14 the previous year); 54 Grade R classrooms; completion of the Mitchell’s Plain Hospital; commencement of the Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital; as well as 23 other health facilities.

‘The total amount we will invest in roads and built infrastructure over the next three years is R12.7 billion,’ said Minister Carlisle.

‘Crucially, during the period of this budget Public Works will create approximately 19 000 jobs.’

Safely home

‘With the fatality rate down by 25.9%, our goal of halving such deaths by 2014 is within reach,’ Minister Carlisle said.

‘During 2012/2013 Average Speed Over Distance camera technology will be extended over much of the N1, after our launch of the longest ASOD in the world led to a 50% reduction in the incidence of speeding on the Aberdeen road.

‘We are taking advice from the NPA on the possibility of drivers that fail to retrain children being charged with culpable homicide or even murder. Drastic action must be taken to turn around the alarming statistic that more than 80% of children brought to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital each year had not been restrained in any way,’ said Minister Carlisle.

‘Because pedestrians make up more than 40% of all fatalities major hazardous locations, or HazLocs, including sections of Landsdowne, Mew Way and Voortrekker roads in Cape Town, the N1 outside Worcester and the N2 outside Mosselbay and George, have been identified around the province.

‘Where possible we will extend and heighten median walls next to freeways at these HazLocs, while we are going to test our idea if posting guards who will encourage pedestrians to use pedestrian bridges.

‘It is also planned that provincial traffic will be transferred to our authority later this year.’

Land claims

‘I have found no record of any land claims having been met in respect of provincial land before 2009. This was a matter of great personal concern to me, as several of the certified claimants had died without their claims being met,’ Minister Carlisle said.

‘All land claims in respect of provincial land will be achieved before 2014.’

Regeneration – leveraging the provincial assets

‘Four city regeneration projects are heading for the market. These include the Somerset, Prestwich and Sea Point School precincts. Subject to Treasury consideration, the Oude Molen project will be extended to reach from the site of the old Athlone power station to Alexandra Hospital,’ said Minister Carlisle.

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