While many South African civil servants try hard to maintain a high standard of work, it is clear that some are not so civil, robbing our state coffers of more than R300m in 2011. As the figure reaches this staggering height, one must ask – why has government failed to institute criminal action?

Clearly it is easy to steal money from government. Managers are able to enter into contracts worth more than R500 000 without following proper tender process. This would not be tolerated in the private sector. Yet government has failed to pull up its socks and root out this criminality that has virtually become the status quo.

As so many civil servants lose their moral compass, it has become essential that legislation be implemented, with zero tolerance for “accidental mistakes”. There can be no excuse for the blatant perpetuation of unlawfulness. We owe it to our children to step up and ensure that civility is once again the top priority for civil servants.

Johann Krog, MPP

Democratic Alliance

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