Official Vehicles Used for ANC Business

James Masango MPL

DA Chief Whip: Mpumalanga Legislature

A government official has been spotted in the Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality doing ANC party work during office hours and weekends, and using a government-owned car while doing so.

The official, Mr S Nkosi, is allegedly employed by the Department of Human Settlements and also serves on the Nkangala Regional Executive Committee of the ANC. Witnesses spotted Mr Nkosi using a white Ford sedan, registration number GBL837MG, at ANC branch meetings in Ward 3 on Friday March 16, Wards 9 and 4 on Saturday March 17, and Wards 1 and 7 on Sunday March 18. The vehicle is also alleged to belong to the same department.

Government officials have been tasked to bring much-needed services to the people of this province, and have been given the necessary vehicles and equipment to fulfil that function. Officials found to use government property for any other use than what they are supposed to, have to be disciplined, and when necessary, sanctioned.

Nkosi’s use of a government vehicle to perform party work is a clear violation of government’s vehicle usage policy, and the DA calls on the MEC for human settlements, Mr Siphosezwe Masango to investigate the allegations, and to take the necessary action.

To this end, the DA will submit formal written parliamentary questions and ask MEC Masango if the vehicle in question is indeed in the department’s possession, who it is allocated to, and to produce the vehicle logs to account for its whereabouts on those particular days.

The DA will also ask MEC Masango if Mr Nkosi is indeed an employee of the department, and whether he had the authorisation to use that vehicle on those particular days. Furthermore, the DA will ask MEC Masango whether Nkosi had been granted leave to perform party work on the Friday, and why he was allowed (if at all) to use a government vehicle for private work on a weekend.

The department and the ANC-led government owe an explanation to the people of this province as to why party work takes precedence over service delivery.

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