Poor planning and criminals are destroying Gauteng online

The Gauteng online project, started in 2001, has achieved very little and the R3 billion budget allocated to this project is a complete waste.

Many learners in Gauteng still have no access to technology in schools and a lack of security at schools as well as poor project management are factors that continue to plague the implementation of Gauteng online. At many of the schools’ that received computers security was not up to standard and they became easy targets. A single conviction is yet to be made even though some of these schools have turned into looting institutions.

In order for this project to truly work, a strong partnership between the Department of Education and the police is needed.

The MEC for Education in Gauteng, Barbara Creecy, continues to avoid questions in the Gauteng Legislature regarding Gauteng online. Projects cannot succeed when no one is prepared to take responsibility.

Equally, the R3billion project cannot simply be left unattended because those in charge are failing to manage it. The benefits of this project could be great if implemented properly. Innovative use of technology in education can enhance the quality of learning and teaching, which could create an improved sustainable learning environment for all Gauteng students.

By Khume Ramulifho, MPL

DA Gauteng Education spokesman

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