Paul Willemburg MPL

DA Gauteng Infrastructure Development Spokesman

The Auditor General has revealed that the Gauteng Housing Fund (GHF) failed to collect R367 600 000 owed to it by debtors in the 2010/2011 financial year.

The GHF is an entity that manages the revenue collection of rental properties and the sale of properties owned by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

The housing fund was only able to recoup a mere R3000 in spite of the fact that it had appointed eight debt collecting agents.

It is alleged that one of the agencies failed to pay over all the money it had collected.

For the fifth consecutive year the GHF has received a qualified audit.

It is outrageous that so much is owing.

I strongly believe that this entity should be dissolved and absorbed by the Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing.

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