Ritchie sewerage troubles still causing a stink

The Democratic Alliance is concerned about the health and welfare of the Ritchie community following growing sewerage problems in the area.

In August last year, the DA highlighted the woes of residents of Suiderkruis Street in Rietvale. This, after a great many children, as well as elderly and disabled people had to navigate their way around flooded yards and even houses that had been contaminated by seeping sewerage from overflowing drains. While the new mayor promised to improve service delivery after visiting the area, the situation remains much the same in spite of remedial action being taken on one of the pipes.

On top of this, more and more Rietvale residents are being let down by the local government that they voted into power less than a year ago. This can be seen in new complaints arising from residents of Dikkop street, who now also have to deal with sewerage build-up.

The DA can draw only one conclusion, namely that Ritchie remains a forgotten community. It is heartbreaking that people are left with no choice but to accept such inhumane living conditions. The Rietvale community is discouraged, they don’t look forward to coming home after a day’s work because they know that a smelly mess awaits them. What then of the health and safety risks that they are being subjected to?

As far as the DA is concerned, it is completely unacceptable that people have to accept such low standards of service delivery and we call on the municipality to take drastic action.

The DA will send a letter to the MEC for Cooperative Government, Resettlement and Traditional Affairs, Kenneth Mmoeimang, regarding the Rietvale sewerage situation. It is necessary to put pressure on both provincial and local government to clean up this mess. In a DA run municipality, the DA would ensure that existing sewerage infrastructure is capable of coping with the needs of the citizens it serves.

Issued by Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Leader

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