Recent reports that the water in the Vaal River will not be fit for human consumption by 2014, highlights the increasing water emergency in Gauteng.

With National Water Week now on, the Democratic Alliance is greatly concerned by the ticking time bomb of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) . AMD and its attendant water pollution is simply passed on to future generations through the short-term and wholly insufficient steps being taken.

Current efforts to treat AMD are based on thinning out heavy metals which is insufficient to prevent other pollutants from entering our water system. Sulphates remain in the water in high quantities , which is then pumped into the streams that flow into the Vaal River. This information was clear at parliamentary and provincial portfolio committees, and other debates on the crisis, yet government has chosen not to listen. To date no further steps have been announced to save our water. The DA calls on government to invest in proper purification plants as a matter of urgency.

Thomas Walters, DA MPL

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