Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Community Safety

Last week it was reported that the remains of missing policewoman, Francis Rasuge, had been discovered by construction workers working on the property that belonged to her convicted killer, William Nkuna. This information was allegedly also confirmed by forensic scientists on the site.

However, almost a week later Gauteng Police Commissioner, Mzwandile Petros, said that the SAPS had known the whereabouts of Francis Rasuge’s body since January this year and that it was the SAPS who uncovered the remains.

Well, what is the real story? I find it unconscionable that if police had this information nothing was done until 2 months later. Francis Rasuge was one of their own. The uncertainty faced by families in these circumstances takes a terrible toll on a daily basis and the fact that the SAPS did not follow up rapidly on information they claim to have had illustrates how insensitive they are.

The added blow to the family and obvious disorganisation on the part of the SAPS was that the family had to find out from the media that the bones had been positively identified as Rasuge’s.

Police Commissioner Petros’ story on who found the Rasuge remains does not ring true. He needs to be honest in his dealings with the family and as well as the public about what really happened in this instance and why the SAPS did not act quicker on information they had allegedly received.

Why too was ground penetrating radar not used at the time of the original investigation to investigate the property?

Perhaps the family could have been spared trauma if the investigation had been properly conducted from the outset.

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