Be Safe on our Roads this Long Weekend

Minister Dan Plato,

Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

As the long weekend approaches I would like to urge all motorists in the Western Cape to please obey the rules of the road and ensure that they get to their destinations safely.

Many of us will use the opportunity to take a short break and enjoy some rest and relaxation at a holiday destination – I would like to ask all our road users to please buckle up, keep your lights on, stick to the speed limit, maintain a safe following distance at all times, don’t drink and drive, and remain calm during stressful situations, like when in a road block or being slowed down by road works.

I would also like to appeal to all pedestrians, who are responsible for almost half of the road related deaths in the Western Cape every year – only cross roads at safe places such as footbridges and zebra-crossings and check properly before crossing any road. Crossing national highways is illegal and I will be asking our traffic officers to arrest any pedestrian seen on all freeways (N2, N1, R300 and N7).

If you plan on drinking alcohol, please do so responsibly, ensure you have a sober designated driver or use a taxi service, and please do not walk on our roads if you are under the influence, you are just as dangerous as a drunken person behind the wheel of a car.

Our traffic officers will be conducting road blocks over the entire long weekend and have a zero tolerance approach towards anyone breaking the rules of the road.

Buckle up, drive responsibly and get Safely Home!

Please report any traffic related incident/problem to our 24/7 hotline on (021) 946 1646 for immediate assistance.

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