Connectedness to the Truth

Johann Krog, MPP

Democratic Alliance KZN Legislature

NEWS that Julius Malema has been “Al Caponed”, due to tax evasion, must surely bring a sense of relief to many South Africans. Faith in our country’s politically tainted systems has shrunk substantially over the years and it is a breath of fresh air to see that at least some structures are still independent.

But an even stronger message needs to be sent about the line between political connectedness and transparent truthfulness if we want to see real democratic progress. High profile officials must not be permitted to consider themselves above the law, particularly when they are in a position to play the “terror and intimidation” card as well as Richard Mdluli does. It is of the utmost importance that Mdluli and other senior officials charged with serious offences, including KZN politicians, Mike Mabuyakhulu and Peggy Nkonyeni remain under the spotlight until justice has taken its course. Allowing individuals to become “untouchable” is one of the most serious forms of social cancers to cure and a society where secrecy is valued more highly than transparency leaves a shocking legacy.

It is only through continual and uncompromising exposure of criminality, despite political affiliation, that our country will replace tentative democratic steps with bold democratic strides. Criminality within the highest echelons of society leaves a deep psychological imprint on our national psyche. Truth always brings with it a sense of relief – a relief that all South Africans are in desperate need of, yet rarely see. It is not connectedness to the “powers that be” that should keep individuals out of trouble, but rather their connectedness to the truth.

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