DA Demands to Know About Rhino Hunting Licenses

Desiree van der Walt

DA Leader in Limpopo

The DA has today submitted parliamentary questions to the MEC of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs Ms. Pinky Kekana to establish the number of hunting permits that have been granted by the province since the beginning of the year. We also want to know to which nationals have these permits been issued, the name of the hunting outfitter and the validity period in the case of each permit.

This comes after revelations that some professional hunters are exploiting the legal hunting route as a means to illegally trade the rhino horns. In the Northwest, late last year some Thai nationals who were issued with hunting permits were exposed to have been dealing illegally with rhino horns and exporting them to the Far East.

We have strong suspicions that this practice could also be happening in Limpopo, rhino horns being traded as ‘trophies’ in the international rhino trade.

We need to know to what extent have those who have been legally given hunting permits in our province have also been involved with international crime syndicates. Regulating rhino hunting is a matter of provincial competence. The MEC should be in a position to provide us with the answers we need.

The DA is serious about improving the protection of our rhino population.

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