DA opposed to department’s top heavy proposal

Radley Keys, MPP and Mark Steele, MPP

DA KZN Spokespersons on Conservation and Agriculture

THE KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs today proposed a new top management structure which will cost the province an additional R14.4 million.

The department proposes a change from three to five agricultural regions and advancing three directorates to chief directorates, thus increasing the top management structure from 55 to 69 director level appointments. The change is apparently motivated by the appointment of a new MEC and a new strategic direction but the relevant portfolio committees have not received such information.

The DA will oppose this proposal on the grounds that the department is simply creating a top-heavy administration which has no relation to the needs of service delivery on the ground. The people of this province need a growing farming sector which is profitable and productive, and a department which is “hands on” in assisting this development – not one which simply promotes bureaucrats to ever more expensive titles and positions.

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