Paul Willemburg MPL

DA Gauteng Infrastructure Development Spokesman

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the planned upgrade of the infamous Thokosa Hostel on the east rand.

According to Gauteng Housing MEC Humphrey Mmemezi in a written reply to my questions in the Gauteng Legislature, “this development is a multiyear project therefore for 2012/2013 financial year the Department is waiting for budget approval but approximately R30 million has been requested for the upgrade and for cleaning the Municipality has confirmed that R1 million has been allocated”.

It is very good news that the new units will be self-contained family units that will accommodate both singles and families. This will benefit the 3137 families who currently live in the hostel under abysmal conditions not conducive to family life.

The proposed new multi-room units will allow for more privacy, safety and sense of self-worth.

I hope that the upgrade goes ahead as scheduled as there is an unfortunate history of failed promises in this area. Many other hostels in Gauteng need similar renovations.

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