DBSA Partnership Bears Fruit



I am pleased to confirm that the Department of Local Government concluded a Memorandum of agreement with the Development Bank of Southern Africa on 30 August 2011 for 4 engineers and 2 town planners.

The services under the agreement included the support of;

* municipalities with bulk infrastructure planning and implementation,

* municipalities with Operations and Maintenance programmes,

*municipalities to improve infrastructure management practices, e.g. through the development of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans,

*municipalities with water conservation and water demand management programmes,

*municipalities to improve revenue collection of latent revenue in relation to water and electricity services,

*the Department of Local Government, Western Cape with diagnostic assessments at municipalities to identify areas for required support to municipalities, and

*municipalities to develop and implement infrastructure financing strategies to improve the implementation of infrastructure projects.

I am pleased to announce that, due to the success of this cooperative effort, approval has been granted for this agreement to be extended until March 2013. We are looking forward to continued cooperation between the Department of Local Government and DBSA, and to build on the foundation which we have already established.

We are extremely satisfied with the results and I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the support we continue to receive from the DBSA.

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