Extend Measures to include MEC’s

Radley Keys, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport

A DOCUMENT containing measures aimed at curbing “blue light” abuse, currently being considered by the KwaZulu-Natal cabinet, must be extended to include provincial MEC’s.

According to a recent media report, the paper, described as a “work in progress” and “private” is the result of ongoing public criticism over the repeated abuse of blue lights in the province. Proposed measures include barring KZN mayors from using blue lights and all future allegations against the VIP protection unit will be investigated by the ICD.

This intervention is long overdue. Blue light convoys are a danger to other road users and are an appalling waste of taxpayers’ money. While the DA welcomes the measures, they must be broadened to rein in the provincial executive. The only time that “blue lights” should be used is when life is at risk, as in the DA governed Western Cape.

It is alarming that a document of such significance remains under wraps and has not been presented to the provincial transport portfolio committee. As an opposition party the DA has a duty to monitor any regulations that may be promulgated and l will be calling for the proposals to be tabled at the next portfolio committee. The DA is also committed to ensuring that the proposed measures are made available for public comment.

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