Khume Ramulifho, MPL

DA Gauteng Education Spokesman

The Democratic Alliance is concerned that Gauteng Education MEC, Barbara Creecy, is hiding the former police commissioner George Fivaz’s progress reports into the alleged fraud of R20 million worth of school subsidies.

The MEC indicated last month that she will table the Fivaz report today at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. However, the report was not presented to the Legislature as the MEC was absent.

Last year Fivaz was appointed to investigate alleged subsidy fraud after a priest was arrested for embezzling state funds. About R20-million was allocated to the priest to run two schools. However, the schools face closure after it emerged they did not adhere to certain regulations.

This is not the first time the MEC has ignored responsibility regarding the progress of this report. The MEC also avoided probing questions posed by the DA in October last year.

What is the MEC hiding?

The Gauteng Education portfolio committee has not received any information from the MEC regarding the progress of the report since the investigation started last year.

Details of the full investigation are needed to ensure good governance. The MEC has an obligation to inform the public on what the findings are. We need to know who is implicated and what actions are being taken.

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