Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Gauteng Community Safety Spokesman

Gauteng Community Safety HOD, Mongezi Tshongweni, is ignoring a public protector investigation into re-employing trained traffic officers.

In 2010 approximately fifty people were trained as traffic officers by the Gauteng Department of Community Safety with promises of jobs and were then summarily dismissed.

The department claims they have no money. Why would the department train people in such a specialised discipline if they were not going to employ them? It smacks of bad planning.

Mark Arendse, the spokesman for the unemployed trainees, has approached the public protector who believes the trainees have a case against the department.

The public protector’s office has met with Community Safety MEC, Faith Mazibuko, and more recently with Tshongweni and have committed to an action plan to re-employ these trainees. The date for their re-employment was supposed to be 1 April 2012 but nothing has happened to date.

These trainees are in dire financial straits with some about to lose their houses and some unable to feed their families.

It seems as if Tshongweni is unwilling to respond to the interventions of the Public Protector. MEC Faith Mazibuko and the Head of Department must keep their promise and employ these trainees with immediate effect.

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