Statement by Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

The Gordonia Home for the mentally ill in Bertrams is struggling as grants for its 75 residents have not been paid since December last year.

The grants are supposed to be paid by the Gauteng Health Department, but all appeals for them to pay have gone unanswered.

Gordonia is owed more than R400 000.

When I visited there this week residents complained that they were getting less food, sometimes living largely off bread.

The management said to me that they were able to keep going because of generous donors, but they needed more assistance, particularly with regard to food.

I have raised the whole issue of non-payment of mental health grants with the Human Rights Commission, and hopefully they will get the Department to pay as soon as possible.

It really is inhuman to deny these grants that assist homes that look after very vulnerable people.

If you can assist Gordonia please contact Bhengu Shongwe at 011 614 6855 or 071 401 2691.

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