KZN Education – MEC Always the Last to Know

Tom Stokes, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson for Education

IT is alarming that KwaZulu-Natal Education, Senzo Mchunu, seems to be the last person made aware of crises within schools across the province. The latest report of a principal returning to the same school where he was convicted of raping a pupil follows hot on the heels of another incident, where the MEC was also unaware that a “displaced” principal had been drawing a salary for nine years despite not being at his post.

At the heart of this unsatisfactory situation is the lack of competence at Ward and Circuit level. It is extraordinary that education officials should allow a convicted rapist back into the system and astonishing that the Ward, Circuit and District manager appear to condone his return. This kind of administrative bungling is echoed in KwaZulu-Natal’s appalling matric and ANA results and is one of the reasons for the MEC’s call to principals to form closer ties with the department. At the moment “the centre cannot hold and things fall apart”. One hopes a new organization structure will result in a much tighter control of the day-to-day running of this department.

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