Legislature Pays Way for ANC Members to Attend Centenary

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Leader in Limpopo

Documents which are in the DA’s possession show that ordinary members of the provincial parliament who belong to the ruling party are being chauffeur-driven, at state’s expense, to events which have no connection to their parliamentary work.

I will be writing to the Public Protector to request her conduct an urgent Members Ethics investigation into this matter. This is definitely a waste of taxpayers’ money as these members have their own vehicles and they must be driving themselves.

Firstly these members have car allowances in their salary packages and secondly by using the provincial Legislature vehicles, they are depreciating the value of these vehicles. Even more; members can claim travel allowances when they travel for constituency or party political work. But to be chauffer driven at state expense is not one of the benefits of being a member of provincial parliament, this benefit is exclusively for ministers and MECs.

To add to this wasteful expenditure, these drivers need to be also paid for their time and if they have to stay over, the Legislature must also foot their hotel bills.

For an example in one instance a members requested to be transported to a Provincial Prayer day in Taung in the Northwest. In another incidence two members were transported to the ruling party’s January 8 statement. Other requests were for members to attend the ruling party’s women’s league events in Johannesburg.

The DA will make sure that money that belongs to the public is used prudently.

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