Oracle of Doom

Johann Krog, MPP

Democratic Alliance KZN Legislature

WHEN Zwelinzima Vavi compared Jacob Zuma to an “unstoppable tsunami” he could not have known that he would become an Oracle of doom.

The more journalists unveil “what lies beneath”, the more starkly we are reminded of a time when we could trust the words of a leader like Nelson Mandela, who walked the talk. But in the “nouveau ANC” promises come with sacrifices, which we as citizens must make, e-tolling being a shining example. Our acting police Commissioner’s statement that investigations cannot be conducted without the so-called green light from, as he called it, “the powers beyond us”, is the quintessential example of what our administration has become. Further evidence of this downward spiral can be witnessed in the cases of high-ranking ANC officials, with criminal charges against them – including Richard Mdluli and KwaZulu-Natal’s Peggi Nkonyeni and Mike Mabuyakhulu – with suggestions rife that they may merely walk away without the proper legal procedures being followed.

All of this further cements utter distrust in the powers that be. Slush fund abuse, unlawful interception of cell phone calls, innocent civilians terrorized, contaminated drinking water – the list seems endless. These chilling and widespread examples of tsunami debris are a far cry from our Rainbow Nation, or any African Renaissance.

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