Hendrika Kruger MPL

DA Gauteng Social Development spokesperson

All persons receiving a Government Grant i.e., old age pension, child grants, disability grant and any other social must re-register their current Sekulula account with the South African Social Services Agency (SASSA). There are 3 phases for this re-registration process and are as follows:

1. Any person that is a Sekulula account holder should have re-registered before 28 March 2012. Due to the delay in notifications, the re-registration period was extended. If you are the holder of a Sekulula account and have not yet re-registered, please go to your nearest SASSA office and finalise this process.

You will need the following to do so;

a. To re-register you need only your I.D. and your bank card.

b. If you have re-registered and have had any problems with your new SASSA card, you must contact the SASSA help line as the banks will not be able to assist you.

2. All persons receiving their grants at pay points will automatically be re-registered when they collect their monies.

3. The last phase is for all current bank account holders (including the South African Post Office).

a. Re-registration is only open from 1 June 2012 to 30 November 2012.

b. The Department will send a letter to all persons to inform them where they are to report for re-registering.

c. You will need to take your I.D. and Bank card.

d. You may still withdraw your money from an ATM, but there are bank charges involved from between R5.00 – R35.00 per transaction


* If you are not able to visit the SASSA office due to ill health, you may request a home visit by phoning the help desk 0800 60 10 11.

* If you address have changed since the last re-registration, please complete the necessary forms at your nearest SASSA office.


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