Abuse of Government Fleet Shocks

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance appreciates the commitment by the MEC for Roads and Public Works, Dawid Rooi, to act against abuse of the government fleet vehicles by officials. While the department’s intention to implement the vehicle tracker system in these vehicles will go a long way towards ensuring that officials do not abuse these vehicles for their own personal use, we want to know what will be done between now and such time as this initiative is eventually implemented, in order to curb abuse of the fleet.

Currently we have a situation whereby government vehicles are used to drop children off at school, to take family members to the mall and to ferry friends between shebeens and parks late at night. All of this is being done at the taxpayers’ expense, whilst struggling citizens are battling to keep their heads above water due to escalating petrol costs and increased bus and taxi fairs.

Once upon a time law enforcement agencies involved themselves in such misdemeanours by stopping government vehicles to ask for trip authorization forms. Today all officials fill in these forms but they are just superficial and serve little purpose. Whilst the department alluded to the fact the department intends bringing law enforcement back onto this issue, the DA wants to know why it can’t be done as of now?

The white government fleet was procured in order to free up funding to allow departments to pursue their strategic objectives, enabling them to focus on their core objectives. An amount of R118 million was earmarked towards this end. It will, however, serve little purpose if the money that was freed up by procuring this fleet, is expended on irregular kilometers being clocked up by greedy officials.

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