ANC Not Prepared to Act Against Tonga Hospital

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition.

The ANC yesterday showed its lack of commitment to the health and well-being of the poor, when its Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs) unanimously declined to pass a motion condemning the blatant laziness of staff at the Tonga Hospital and the possible health and security risks this may pose.

The motion follows photos of sleeping nursing and security staff splashed across the front page of yesterday’s Daily Sun showing them fast asleep while on duty at the Tonga Hospital.

The DA motion called on the house to note the health and security risks this posed to patients and ordinary members of the public, as well as to note that the hospital is commonly derogatorily referred to as “emva kwako” (due to the many patient deaths recorded here).

However, the full ANC caucus refused to pass the motion condemning the behaviour of the nurses and security personnel, that an investigation be done on this matter, and disciplinary steps be taken where necessary.

The DA is not entirely surprised by the ANC’s refusal to pass the motion, as its members would rather place their own interests before those of citizens, and that it would rather subject citizens to poor service delivery than support a DA motion. The irony is that by doing so, the ANC does so at the expense of the entire community, who increasingly realises that government does not hold their interests at heart.

The DA, through motions and petitions, as well as through our track record where we govern, continuously puts the interests of the people first, and will continue to do so without fear, favour or political affiliation.

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