Blue Drop Report Exposes Cadre Deployment Failure

Anthony Benadie MPL

DA Leader in Mpumalanga

The 2012 Blue Drop certification has yet again proved the failure of the ANC’s continuous “jobs for pals” policy in Mpumalanga, this time by scoring lowest in the country when measured against other provinces. Of the 18 local municipalities in our province, 10 languish on the bottom half of the performance scale, with four amongst 10 lowest scoring municipalities.

The Department of Water Affairs’ annual national Blue Drop certification measures the quality and management of municipal water systems, and allocates a score based on water safety planning, quality process management and control, drinking water quality compliance, asset management as well as management, accountability and local regulation.

When one considers the criteria, it becomes apparent that most municipalities do not have the necessary skills and competencies to manage water delivery to their residents. They also lack the capacity to provide clean and potable water to their residents, which the DA has pointed out in, among others, Nkomazi, Albert Luthuli, Thaba Chweu and Bushbuckridge for quite some time.

The DA is not surprised at all to find that these municipalities are all ranked of the lowest in the country, and believes that this strengthens our argument that service delivery will suffer, if not fail, whenever cadres are deployed at the expense of skills and competencies.

The DA is amazed at the ANC’s continued arrogance in believing the people will vote for them no matter how long they have to wait for even the most basic of services. However, the good news is that the consistent high performance of the Western Cape provincial administration and municipalities under DA control will soon be used as yardstick by people in other parts of the country, convincing them that where the DA governs, the DA delivers.

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