Refiloe Nt’sekhe

DA Gauteng Provincial Spokesperson

Today, the Democratic Alliance in Gauteng visited Khuselo Machaya, a mentally and physically disabled girl living in Lenasia. Khuselo is looked after by her older sister and their next-door neighbour. She is one of many residents of this province who is not receiving the appropriate home-based care for her condition.

Home-based care, as specified by the Department of Health, is provided for “people who need basic support services to continue to live and/or die in their community and without which they would have been either prematurely, inappropriately or unavoidable moved to institutional care”. This includes people with “moderate to severe functional disabilities”.

Unfortunately, due to overcrowded hospitals, the high cost of institutional care and severe equipment or medicinal shortages, people like Khuselo are not always able to access the correct facilities. Home-based care therefore provides a welcome and affordable alternative to our poorest and most vulnerable communities.

The DA understands that home-based care requires a level of co-operation between government and other non-formal sectors, such as NGO’s. However, government is the key facilitator in the management and supervision of this system and needs to play a more active role in providing the right services to the people who need them the most.

The fact is that Khuleso’s family and neighbours are limited financially by what they are able to do for her. The DA calls on the Gauteng Department of Health to urgently address the lack of home-based care in Lenasia and other communities across our province. We will be working towards getting Khuselo access to proper home-based care in order for her to live the full and comfortable life that she deserves.

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