Dr. Neil Campbell, DA MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Roads and Transport

The Democratic Alliance is encouraged by the resignation of SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency Ltd) CEO, Nazir Alli. He has done the honourable thing by resigning after the Gauteng e-toll fiasco.

While he managed the construction of an excellent road network well, he is a poor communicator and we trust that his successor as SANRAL CEO will be not only be an excellent manager but also a good communicator and a principled individual who believes that real public participation is essential before contentious decisions are taken unilaterally.

Whoever takes up the reins at SANRAL has a tough uphill battle and the DA wishes him or her well. I hope that the new SANRAL CEO will do the right thing by the public in regard to the Gauteng freeways and cancel the exorbitantly expensive e-toll collection contract.

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