DA Request Probe Into Top Cops Transfers

George Mari, MPP

Member of the Democratic Alliance caucus in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature

THE transfer of 10 senior, highly skilled KwaZulu-Natal Crime Intelligence Police officers, allegedly without consultation, and amid claims that they have been replaced with junior colleagues, demands an explanation.

The DA views the move as an appalling abuse of power and a serious transgression of these officers’ rights. The group includes highly experienced crime intelligence officers, trained to deal with serious crime. Yet most are believed to be sitting at police stations around the province doing nothing or pushing paperwork. This is a supreme waste of their skills and raises serious questions around the motivation behind the transfers.

The DA has, today, submitted the following parliamentary questions to KZN MEC Willies Mchunu;

– Have the transfers been discussed with the Honourable MEC?

– How many KZN officers are affected?

– Who are the officers and what rank and position do they hold?

– Where and to what positions have they been transferred to?

– Have there been any consultations with the MEC? If so when?

– Who are acting in their positions? (Provide list and where they are deployed)

– What rank do the acting incumbents hold? (Provide list of names and rank)

– What is the impact on service delivery if these transfers continue?

– Does the MEC support these transfers? If so, then why?

The matter will also be raised by our colleague at national level -DA Shadow Minister for Police, Dianne Kohler-Barnard – who will request a comprehensive investigation. These officers are the victims of a system that is rotten to the core. Their transfers to posts where they can no longer utilise their skills will impact severely on KwaZulu-Natal citizens as crime levels rise.

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