DA Visit Uncovers Chaos at Pharmaceutical Depot

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Leader in Limpopo

After yesterday’s unannounced oversight visit I undertook to the Provincial Pharmaceutical Depot in Seshego, I can personally confirm that it is in a deplorable condition. MEC Dr. Mabasa must act swiftly to restore functionality at this depot.

Firstly, the issue of the shortage of medicines, evidenced by empty shelves at the Depot, is putting a lot of strain on ordinary citizens who rely on the public health care system. To illustrate this, just yesterday we received a public query from Mrs. Weideman of Polokwane. She is a 66 year old diabetic pensioner who has not received insulin since March because it is not available from the Provincial Hospital.

This issue about the shortage of insulin was also confirmed yesterday by the pharmacist I spoke to at the depot.

Furthermore it also emerged that the province does not have a contractor to supply insulin, as the contract with previous supplier had come to an end. Even worse there is also a problem with the distribution of HIV/AIDS kits, as only two distributors are contracted to supply our very vast province. This results in bulks of these much needed HIV/AIDS kits being stored at the depot instead of being distributed to hospitals and local clinics.

The DA cares about the well being of the people of Limpopo and we will be engaging with Dr. Mabasa to make sure that those who rely on the public health services receive adequate health care. Access to health care is a fundamental right in our Constitution.

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