Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

Government has upped the stakes by taking the unusual move of appealing directly to the Constitutional Court to challenge the interim interdict by Judge Bill Prinsloo that has stopped implementation of the Gauteng e-tolls.

If this move fails, then it will add to the delay as the court review process will then proceed on the merits of the e-tolls, which could take as long as a year.

This extra delay would intensify SANRAL’s funding crisis.

An extremely important principle is at stake in this Constitutional Court challenge. If government wins, it will severely circumscribe judicial intervention in a government policy matter.

SANRAL and National Treasury should have a contingency plan to scrap the e-toll contract if their appeal fails, and then move swiftly to alternative more cost-effective funding sources.

Financial markets hate uncertainty, so the longer the court process continues the more SANRAL’s woes will worsen

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