Human Trafficking – DA Calls for Task Team

Langa Bodlani

DA Limpopo Provincial Spokesperson

The Democratic Alliance wishes to express its condemnation of the fact that 47 Ethiopians were allegedly held captive in Limpopo in order to be sold as slaves in other parts of the province. They were allegedly kept in houses in Makhado and Thohoyandou. We also like to congratulate the police in the province for their swift action in unearthing this despicable act and arresting the suspects this past weekend.

We will ask our colleagues in the National Assembly to urge the ministers of Home Affairs, Defence and Police to urgently set a joint task team to investigate how these foreign nationals ended in our borders to be sold for slavery. Obviously this cannot happen without the collusion between our officials at the border posts and crime syndicates involved in human trafficking.

Slavery is not only prohibited by our Constitution, it is also a declared as a crime against humanity by the international community. South African is party to a number of international human rights treaties which have declared slavery as a crime against humanity. Consequently our state has an obligation to make sure that as a country we prosecute acts of slavery wherever they happen in our country.

The Democratic Alliance views human dignity as one of the fundamental human rights which is inherent to human beings. It cannot be easily violated. Our province is known for its humanity and to find slavery being practiced is completely abhorrent to our values and culture.

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