Anroux Marais

DA Western Cape spokesperson for Health, Western Cape Provincial Parliament

As spokesperson for the DA Western Cape on Health, I acknowledge 8 May 2012 as International Red Cross Day. On this day we commemorate its members and volunteers in their role in saving lives and aiding communities worldwide. This year, much like the DA’s slogan, the theme for International Red Cross Day is “Together for humanity”, again reiterating that we are “Better Together”.

In commemoration, we celebrate the dedicated work involved with the relief of the burden of disease, especially in the Western Cape. The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is the only specialised hospital dedicated entirely to children in South Africa and has become a cornerstone of paediatric healthcare.

Not only does the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital deliver a significant service to children from the Western Cape but to those from other provinces as well as other African countries. Expert healthcare is made available at the hospital as it is the national paediatric liver transplant centre, the provincial centre for paediatric cardiac surgery, kidney and heart transplants and it has the only dedicated paediatric burns unit in Southern Africa. What is cause for more celebration is the new R30 million centre for Childhood Infectious Disease on which building commences in August 2012.

The DA remembers the South African Second World War Soldiers who committed themselves to create a place of healing in honour of their fallen comrades. Today, we encourage all to honour them, because without them, there would not have been a hospital dedicated to the relief of the suffering of children.

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